Pragmatic - Bespoke Approach

During more than 30 years of experience treating patients and  families suffering the consequences of addiction and alcohol related problems we have developed a model based in the patient specific needs and resources available at that special moment of his/her life.

Our treatment model is very pragmatic and tailored to the patient

and family particular circumstances. We focus on what can we do

to improve the patient's life here and now! 

Our approach is not dogmatic or rigid focusing only on abstinence.


Abstinence is what we all aim to, but the reality is that most patients

relapse soon after spending weeks, months and thousands of

pounds in expensive rehabilitation centres

Most patients can't stay abstinent when they return to their normal life

and usual environment.

Achieving abstinence is not difficult but staying abstinent is.

Staying abstinent is the consequence of your journey,

being abstinent is just one stage.

There are no magic intervention bullets or shortcuts to Recovery. 

That is the reason we focus in the Recovery process. We think Recovery is a journey, and we aim to be your helping companion on the way to recover from health, social and financial problems resulting from addiction and alcohol problems.


This journey will take time and will probably need many different types of interventions (therapy, counselling, medications, residential treatment, et cetera) along the way.


Our approach is constructive, supportive, avoiding the patients and their families the sense of guilt, frustration resulting from relapse.

We are all different though we are similar in some ways


One of the most important aspects of life is diversity. We are all different, though we share more than 95% of our human genes. Even more, one single individual is different over time.


Our teenage views and needs were different from the ones we have in our late thirties. Your body, your mind, your experience, your friends and family, all has changed. That's part of our growth process, but growth doesn't mean maturity.

For many different reasons some people grow up and get older but in some way they don't seem to have learned from experience and continue making the same mistakes.


Why things will be different if you always behave the same way?

Something has to change, and things always change.

The question is, who decides the direction of the changes and takes control?


Our strategy is to implement specific interventions to facilitate changes in the right direction.

By right direction we mean step by step positives changes improving the quality of the patient's life.


There are no magic solutions or short cuts, and many of the people reading these lines have learned it from your own experience.

Abstinence doesn't always lead to Recovery. Many times it leads to relapse!


However, once you are in the Recovery path, relapse is something you can learn from, turning something negative into positive.

We will be there to support your Recovery process, doing what is necessary for you to continue progressing in your own personal journey.

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