Alcohol rehab and drug treatment programmes in Alexandria

We provide affordable & luxury bespoke residential treatment in Alexandria, a refuge from the many dangers of addiction and alcoholism. Not just a short-term break, but a real shot at leaving it firmly in the past where it belongs and taking the elusive solution route to Recovery.

Our patients staying in one or our clinic will benefit from a tailored programme aiming to overall recovery, creation, personal structuring and delivery of an eclectic and affordable template for life, enabling our clients:

  • To escape the substances on which they depend

  • To provide a bridge to normal living

  • To successfully achieve your goal within a nurturing and comfortable residential treatment facility

Our rehab with swimming pool and garden in Alexandria will become your home in Egypt. You will have a carer, consultant psychiatrist, nurse, cook and driver.

All these services and facilities are a real affordable luxury detox/rehab.

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