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Buvidal - Buprenorphine Subcutaneous Injection

Our clinic in central London offers Buvidal, a small (1ml) subcutaneous injection that effectively blocks the feel-good effects of opiates removing your cravings and the risk of relapse. This new buprenorphine prolonged-release injection is supplied in a pre-filled syringe to be administered under the skin weekly or monthly.​

No need for frequent visits to your chemist nor supervised consumption.

How does Buvidal Work?

Buvidal has been developed for the treatment of opioid dependence (heroin, morphine, painkiller addiction) as part of a medical and psychosocial programme.

Buvidal has been designed for flexible dosing and is available in different strengths, enabling treatment to be tailored to the patient's individual needs and for each stage of treatment journey. This formulation prevents opioid withdrawals and also, due to the strong buprenorphine binding to opioid receptors, blocks opioid use on top. This means that while on Buvidal, the patient will be effectively blocked for heroin or other opioids in case of lapse or relapse.

Buvidal is part of our comprehensive treatment programme which includes counselling, regular  monitoring and healthy lifestyle changes.

Click for more information about Buvidal on NICE and European Medicines Agency websites.

How effective is Buvidal?

Buprenorphine is safe, effective and the most widely used treatment for opioid dependence globally, usually available as a sublingual tablet or film that patients take daily. However, this form of administration has a number of drawbacks. These include frequent trips to the chemist, supervised consumption, travelling with a controlled drug, potential loss or theft, and the need to always keep it safe away from children. Buvidal solves all these complications.

Buvidal utilises FluidCrystal, a versatile, cutting edge drug delivery technology designed for long-acting treatments. It was created to improve therapeutic performance, treatment adherence and clinical outcomes – and ultimately the patient’s quality of life.

Click here to access 3 case studies published Case Reports in Psychiatry 2019 by our medical director.

Buvidal treatment is now available to The OAD Clinic patients.

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