Patient Satisfaction Survey 2019


This report summarises the results of our first patient survey carried out since Seagrave Healthcare Ltd (SHL) took over the clinic in July 2016. Staff offered questionnaires to patients who attended the clinic between 01/12/2018 and 28/02/2019, with completed questionnaires posted in the box provided to

ensure anonymity. We had a 100% response rate from those patients who

were given a questionnaire, with no one declining to complete it. In total we

received 51 questionnaires, which represents a good response rate at over

25% of current active patients.
We asked the patients to rate several aspects of their service experience, as

well as offer comments and suggestions. We also included the “Friends and

Family Test”, an important feedback tool widely used in the NHS, asking the patients if they would recommend the service they use to their own friends and family. The survey results and commentary are presented below.


1. How would you rate the services received?

Responses to Q1 are overwhelmingly positive, with 66% rating the service as ‘excellent’, 32% ‘good’

‘Friendly, professional services. Over the years I've bonded with all staff and it felt like being part of a family. Also I feel 100% at ease in the building like it is my home’

‘Very professional and caring’
‘Awesome service, always there to help when needed’

‘Life saving, changed my life and continues to support it’
‘Really good, polite and respectful’
‘Dealing with my health and constantly very caring

towards my care overall’

‘Very good’
‘Understanding, knowledgeable and caring’

‘Great people, very passionate to help.’

‘The staff are excellent and the service as a whole has been so very helpful. I've been here before and they have always been great’
‘Personal service like talking to friends rather than
doctors or "superior people"!’
‘A lot of kindness and care, sensitive un-hectoring approach, treating me like an adult’
‘Good communication both keyworker and doctor’
‘Always knowledgeable and evidence based care’
‘Always helpful and focused on the client’
‘I enjoy coming to the clinic and have made great improvements in my health and wellbeing’
‘Appointments on time, always polite’
‘Always helpful in dealing with problems’

‘I've been treated well and at last I've found people who understand’
‘My scripts always arrive on time at my chemist. I see the doctor every 3-6 months which is great.’

2. Have you been treated with dignity and respect?

Comments to Q3 are consistent with 96% of patients feeling that they are treated with dignity and respect and with our overall commitment to provide a confidential, flexible, personal service.
‘I have tried NHS drug treatment, it was horrible. OAD is wonderful in comparison’

‘Everyone is positive, smiley and always helpful. The mood is always good’
‘I feel I have not been judged in a negative way’

‘Of course - always respectful’
‘Always with friendship and dignity’
‘I have been treated with care and consideration’
‘Always treated with dignity, respect is a two way

process and I treat everyone with respect here, and

I'm sure I feel respected in every way.’
‘Always polite’

‘I have always been made to feel very welcome’
‘Andy is a gentleman. He is polite and respectful as is the doctor’

3. We asked patients how well we organize the following two aspects of service?

Responses and comments to Q3 are consistent with our own observations. The majority of patients are satisfied with our prescription delivery and appointment booking process. All prescriptions are sent by Royal Mail Recorded service and patients are offered the choice of upgrading to Special Delivery.
‘Listen to you talk’

‘Never any problems’

‘All done ok’

‘Never been let down’

‘Could not be better’

Appointments available in very reasonable time

- no wait either, prescription on time’

‘Anytime I need to rearrange the staff make it as

easy as possible’
‘Good timings, seen on time. Next appointment

booked at client's convenience if possible.’
‘I have been impressed with the clinic flexibility to last minute changes’

4. Do you think your personal care plan meet your needs and circumstances?

94% of patients felt their treatment meets their personal needs.

5. Where you given enough information about the medicines you were prescribed?

100% of patients surveyed felt they were provided enough information about their prescribed medication. This is very encouraging and we will continue to expand the range of patient literature we offer, to ensure our existing and new patients have a full and up-to-date understanding of benefits and risks.

6. Would you recommend our clinic to a friend or family member?

“Friends and Family Test” is commonly used in the NHS as a simple yet important tool to assess patient experience. 94% of patients would recommend our clinic to their friends and family, 

‘I have done on several occasions’
‘I have done in the past’

7. Patients were invited to give any further comments or suggestions to improve or change any area of our service. 

‘It is a lovely helpful clinic helping people to grow out of their addiction and live normal lives’
‘I have used this clinic a few times and they have always been greatly helpful. I cannot recommend them more highly’
‘Keep employing people as helpful as Toby, Nigel and the rest of the team!’
‘24 hour service, advice and support made me feel calm and safe!’
‘Exceedingly good service, critical in allowing me to keep my job where 2-5 days travel is required, flexible appointments and knowledgeable staff’
‘Keep helping your patients who are trying hard to maintain a drug free life’
‘Can’t think of any but the service is excellent’

‘Amazing group of people who are saving lives. Everyone of them is incredible. Thank you OAD!’
‘No, excellent all round. Andy in particular has been my keyworker & has been 5 star.’
‘My needs have been met very happy with service given’
‘Never had any issues with my treatment. I couldn't live without it hope things stay the same!’
‘I feel my care of duty is 100% catered for, and in past I've made positive comments. If there's a suggestion to be made I'll always speak my mind.’
‘Keep doing the same’

‘Very good team. I always feel I have been listened to and understood and that they have likewise have given me the benefit of their experience.’
‘Love Soraia! It's great to have someone to talk to.’
‘The clinic always fits in with my work and holidays. They are very flexible if I have to change an appointment or pick up.’

February 2019

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