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Stop Drinking Programme

Our alcohol treatment programme aims to support patients who suffer from alcohol abuse or alcohol addiction. The programme is designed for patients with work obligations and family responsibilities and those who are unable to commit to residential treatment. It's a 20-hour programme delivered by experienced clinicians and therapists.

The Stop Drinking Programme can be delivered in person and online, providing the opportunity to access treatment while still living in the community and engaging in day-to-day life.

It's structured to enable little or no interference with work, study or family life in that most sessions are delivered at convenient times. The psychosocial interventions include didactic elements (psycho-educational workshops, relapse prevention skills training, etc), family, couple therapy and individual therapy sessions to guide them through the programme and ensure that their therapeutic objectives are met.

Stop Drinking Programme

Also included in our alcohol treatment programme are couple, family or employer sessions when required.

Topics include:

  • Understanding addiction

  • Identification of triggers and warning signs

  • Developing coping strategies for triggers

  • Craving management

  • Identifying social pressures

  • Coping with stressful situations

  • Maintaining motivation for change

  • Changing lifestyle and readiness for change

  • Alcohol impact on health, behaviour and relationships

  • Developing self-esteem (self-worth & confidence)

  • Repairing Relationships

  • Building a support network

  • Health and wellbeing


Aftercare interventions include: sober coaching and companionship, meeting the individual wherever they are in their journey – supporting them to navigate any of the challenges they might face during and after the outpatient programme.

Click here to learn about the Stop Drinking Programme structure.

Sober Life: Cloud-based Monitoring Programme

We believe that monitoring in early recovery can lead to significantly better outcomes because it reinforces accountability and transparency with your recovery circle. SoberLife is a convenient relapse prevention programme designed for patients in their first year of recovery. It provides accountability for sobriety and long-term recovery through a cloud-based alcohol monitoring system.

Learn more about Sober Life Programme.

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