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Stop Drinking Alcohol Programme

Your Tailored Path to Lifelong Sobriety


Our Stop Drinking Programme is a multifaceted, tiered approach designed to offer treatment options suitable for different needs, stages of alcohol misuse, and readiness for change. It follows a personalised protocol.


Whether you are a newcomer to alcohol dependence treatment or have been in ongoing therapy, we have a programme tailored to empower you towards a successful recovery.

Stop Drinking Programme: Step by Step

The Stop Drinking Programme lasts 3 months and is split into 3 steps, or building blocks. For each block, there is gradually more immersive depth in understanding alcohol dependence and how to stop using alcohol either to "self medicate" problems or for recreation. Within each block, each session is designed to empower you with the knowledge and practical tips to quit drinking alcohol successfully.

Building Block 1: Three Weeks to Freedom - This quick-start guide is designed for those who want a streamlined and efficient entry into alcohol misuse treatment. It offers an initial assessment and three weeks of therapy, with the focus on setting goals, understanding dependence, and equipping you with initial coping mechanisms and relapse prevention strategies.

Stop Drinking Programme

Building Block 2: Transform in Six - This six-week programme takes a more

intensive approach, covering not only the foundations of understanding alcohol misuse but also diving deeper into cognitive restructuring and coping skills. Aimed at individuals seeking transformative change within a shorter-term treatment plan, this programme offers a well-rounded view of dependence management.


Building Block 3: The Sobriety Masterclass - This is our most

comprehensive offering with twelve in-depth sessions. It

provides a robust, all-encompassing approach to recovery,

tackling everything  from foundational understanding to

advanced relapse prevention and emotional wellbeing


By enrolling in our "Stop Drinking Programme," you'll have

access to treatment plans that are flexible, deeply

transformative, and designed to cater to varying degrees of

alcohol misuse severity. Choose the path that best suits your needs and begin your journey to sobriety today. Click here to learn about the Stop Drinking Programme structure.

Sober Life: Remote Monitoring Programme

We believe that monitoring in early recovery can lead to significantly better outcomes because it reinforces accountability and transparency with your recovery circle. Sober Life is a convenient relapse prevention programme designed for patients in their first year of recovery. It provides accountability for sobriety and long-term recovery through a remote alcohol monitoring. Learn more about Sober Life Programme.

Countries We Serve

The Stop Drinking Programme is also available to patients who live in the United States,  Egypt, India, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. This programme can help patients in these countries stop drinking alcohol effectively should they seek our support at our clinic in London. 

The OAD Clinic’s treatment to stop drinking can assist patients from these countries in their journey to quitting alcohol. We encourage any individuals in these countries to seek treatment at our clinic in London and step foot on the road to sobriety.


How long does the Stop Drinking Programme last?

The Stop Drinking Programme is based on a gradually immersive protocol and can last 3, 6, or 12 weeks depending on what you would like to learn and uncover as part of a therapy enabling you in the best way to leaving alcohol for good. Each programme is designed to inform you about understanding dependence and the different coping mechanisms that can be utilised in your recovery journey.

Can I receive other treatment alongside the Stop Drinking Programme?

Yes. The Stop Drinking Programme can be used as a supplement to other alcohol treatments including medication and monitoring of alcohol intake. The programme itself is designed to help with quitting alcohol by helping you understand what your dependence means, where it may stem from, and how to manage it safely. As a result, the Stop Drinking Programme is meant to tackle the "mind" side of quitting alcohol as an addition to ongoing medical treatment.

What can I learn from the Stop Drinking Programme?

The Stop Drinking Programme can help you quit drinking alcohol by helping you understand what fuels your dependence and how to let go of it. This includes learning what alcohol dependence means, your triggers and habits, the coping mechanisms available to manage it, and relapse prevention strategies to stop you from being at the mercy of cravings and temptation.
The programme will also come with flexible treatment plans, catering to your specific needs and preferences which may depend on the severity of your alcohol dependence. In the end, you receive a transformative and personalised treatment plan that helps you stop using alcohol safely. 

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