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Bespoke Drug, Alcohol & Mental Health Treatment for Individuals from United Arab Emirates

If you’re receiving mental health, drug, or alcohol treatment in the UAE, but are currently in the UK, did you know that you can continue your treatment at The OAD Clinic’s rehab centre London?

The OAD Clinic provides bespoke drug, alcohol, and mental health treatment that cater towards individual needs, allowing you to receive treatment without committing to residential rehab. Carry on with your normal routine and still receive treatment at our rehab London clinic.

Alcohol Rehab London

The road to sobriety can seem long and challenging, but with The OAD Clinic, we can help you along your journey with our alcohol treatment options at our luxury rehab London centre. Choose from:

  • Alcohol Detox - going cold turkey on alcohol

  • Home Detox - at home alcohol treatment without medical interventions

  • Stop Drinking Programme

  • Controlled Drinking Programme

  • Sober Life Programme - relapse prevention programme using a cloud-based monitoring system to monitor patients’ sobriety journey; uses a breathalyser with facial recognition technology

Detox Alcohol and Alcohol Treatment Programmes

After an initial consultation at our rehab centre London, our specialists will be able to create a personalised alcohol treatment plan that works in your favour. This can involve detox alcohol programmes (delivered either in person or online), along with counselling and therapy sessions, medical interventions, and remote monitoring.

The OAD Clinic’s private rehab for alcohol programmes are designed to alleviate symptoms of withdrawal, as well as help you better understand your dependence and how to let go of it.

Some benefits of our alcohol treatment methods include:

  • Convenience

  • Personalisation 

  • Cloud-based monitoring

  • Continuous support

Drug Rehab London

At The OAD Clinic, we also provide drug rehab private treatments including:

  • Depot Injection - buprenorphine subcutaneous injections (Buvidal) at our drug rehab London clinic that effectively blocks opiate effects to reduce cravings and risk of relapse

  • Maintenance 

  • Opiate Detox 

  • Painkiller Dependence Treatments - pain management programmes led by specialist doctors and psychiatrists

  • Rehab - residential drug rehabilitation in Spain, with aftercare in London

  • Naltrexone - opioid antagonist similar to Buvidal; taken orally in the form of tablets

  • Steroids Treatment - 20 hour programme of 1:1 sessions to help patients better understand their steroid misuse

Drug Detox

A key focus of The OAD Clinic’s drug treatments is providing short-term and/or long-term stabilisation through methods such as Opioid Substitution Therapy (OST) (substitutes the opioid with medication such as methadone or buprenorphine), medication prescriptions (like Naltrexone), therapy and counselling sessions, as well as Buvidal depot injections. 

These methods all have your wellbeing in mind, which is why we’ll also work closely with you, your family and friends to ensure that you have a strong support system throughout your journey to sobriety.

Some benefits of our drug treatments at our drug rehab London clinic include:

  • Monitored progress

  • Personalised experience

  • Set at your own pace

Mental Health Treatment London

The OAD Clinic offers personalised mental health treatment for conditions like:


Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis of ADHD and depression is usually dependent on the presence of the following symptoms and their persistence in the individual’s daily life

  • ADHD:

    • Difficulty with making and maintaining relationships

    • Dangerous driving

    • Underachieving in work or education

  • Depression:

    • Constant low mood/sadness

    • Suicidal/self-harm thoughts

    • Lack of motivation/energy

    • Neglect of hobbies and social activities


At our mental health treatment London clinic, our goal is to help patients manage symptoms and develop coping behaviours. This is done through a holistic  approach to therapy, including behavioural therapies like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) that is used for treating ADHD, anxiety and PTSD.

Additionally, you can expect regular counselling and therapy sessions with our qualified staff, alongside gradual exposure therapy for anxiety disorders, medication (like Spravato for depression), Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) for PTSD, and lifestyle changes.



Mental Health Treatment, Alcohol and Drug Rehab London for Patients in United Arab Emirates

The OAD Clinic can help you continue your treatment in the UK if you’re from the UAE. Seek treatment at our luxury rehab London clinic today.

Contact The OAD Clinic for bespoke mental health, alcohol and drug rehab UK by dropping us an email at or giving us a call at 0207 823 6840.

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