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Stop Drinking Programme   

Our treatment programme aims to support patients who suffer from alcohol abuse or alcohol addiction. After an initial comprehensive assessment, patients will attend a bespoke treatment programme conducted by clinicians specialised in addiction. The programme includes individual sessions focused on understanding the underlying issues of their alcohol use problem, sessions with significant others focused on strengthening their support network focused on behavioural cognitive and psychoeducation approaches and relapse prevention strategies.

Initial Comprehensive Assessment

  • Intake

  • Medical Consultation (for detox and for relapse prevention)

  • Assessment (AUDIT)

  • SAD-Q

Sessions topics include:

  • Building Foundations

The programme provides a holistic view of your alcohol addictionby exploring its history, the role of family and relationships, and its impact on your mental health and behaviours.

  • Cognitive exploration and change

Understanding recovery involves more than just quitting alcohol; it's a multifaceted approach that includes changing negative thought patterns and beliefs. The programme helps foster a healthier self-image, offers concrete strategies for change, and encourages lifestyle adjustments aligned with personal recovery goals for a sustainable recovery plan.


  • Triggers and habits

Exploring triggers involves understanding both internal

and external factors that can prompt cravings or emotional

setbacks. This extends to recognising emotional flashbacks

and their specific triggers, which are crucial for developing

effective strategies for trigger management. The process

also entails a thorough analysis of behaviour patterns,

especially those that are high-risk for relapse.

An examination of daily habits, routines, and structures

helps to identify their impact on sobriety, providing a

comprehensive view of the various elements that can either facilitate or hinder a successful recovery journey.

  • Shifting perspectives

Cultivating new ways of thinking is central to fostering a more positive approach to recovery. This includes embracing uplifting narratives about oneself and reshaping thought and emotional patterns in relation to both self and others. Analytical introspection helps to understand how one's self-perceptions influence sobriety, offering the opportunity to reframe negative thoughts effectively. The process involves exploring diverse techniques to challenge and alter ingrained mental narratives. Identifying and managing triggers that activate the inner critical voice is crucial for maintaining a balanced, positive mindset conducive to lasting recovery.

  • Progress and relapse prevention

The focus is on continuous monitoring of progress and emotional state to identify and address any areas of concern in the recovery journey. Client satisfaction is also assessed to tailor the approach further. Emphasis is placed on understanding past relapses to formulate preventive strategies, managing cravings through coping skills, and employing relaxation techniques. Problem-solving skills are taught to handle life's challenges and potential triggers, providing a holistic approach to sustaining sobriety.

Countries We Serve

The Stop Drinking Programme is also available to patients who live in the following countries: USA, Egypt, India, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates. This programme can help patients in these countries stop drinking alcohol effectively should they seek our support at our clinic in London. 

The OAD Clinic’s treatment to stop drinking can assist patients from these countries in their journey to quitting alcohol. We encourage any individuals in these countries to seek treatment at our clinic in London and step foot on the road to sobriety. Get in touch to learn more.

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